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Welcome to play My2050 – an adventure game about climate change!


You can start your adventure anytime, all you need is your phone and 60 minutes of your time. You can play My2050 either in Helsinki, starting from Kansalaistori or in Espoo, in Espoo Centre.

In the game a youtube superstar and climate influencer Niha Bee will be your guide to the future, as she will show you how life is in the 2050´s.

You have 60 minutes to venture out and collect as much points and achievements as possible. The game ends when the 60 minutes have passed. 



1. We recommend playing in a team of 2 people. Recommended age is over 12, but younger children can easily play with parents or older friends.

2. Take a close look at these game instructions beforehand, so you don’t miss any game time. You can also check out the X-routes application’s manual. Click here to download x-routes-user guide.

3. You need one mobile device for each player, or a team. Download an X-routes app to your phone or tablet for free from the device’s own store (AppStore / Play Store) and register to the app.

4. Go to play with a full battery, and allow the GPS locating of your mobile device.

5. Start the game in Helsinki at the corner of Kansalaistori, at the junction of Töölönlahdenkatu and Karamzininkatu (click to see the location on the map), and in Espoo at Espoo Center at the junction of Espoonkatu and Kansliapolku (click to see the location on the map). At the starting point, find the right game: My2050Hki or My2050Espoo from the X-routes application.

6. 60 minutes play time starts when you read the game intro and click on “JOIN GAME”. The game closes after 60 minutes have passed. You can keep track of the time spent in the clock on the bottom left of the screen.

7. You will first see your position on the map (a small purple ball) and the first checkpoint, the rest of the checkpoints will appear as the game progresses. To see the contents of the checkpoint you must first use the map to navigate yourself to the checkpoint, and then click on the checkpoint.

8. You can go to different checkpoints in any order. The faster you move, the more checkpoints you will reach during the game.

9. Some of the checkpoints include YouTube videos. The videos are spoken in Finnish but they contain English subtitles. Make sure to click ‘ON’ the English subtitles.

10. By successfully opening the checkpoints you will receive points and achievements. To open a checkpoint, you need to solve a puzzle, enter the answer of the puzzle as an opening code in the box delow, and click “OPEN”. The code may contain numbers and / or letters. You can guess the correct code several times and use a hint if necessary. Using the hint reduces your points.

11. There are also few secret checkpoints in the game. Secret checkpoints are just for the fastest and smartest players! They won’t appear on the map but you will hear a sound when they appear in the game’s menu. You can score points from secret checkpoints by going to the right location by following the given hint, and by clicking “OPEN” when at the right location.

12. Finding information from the internet during the game is allowed but not necessary.

13. When encountering technical problems or losing GPS position, it is advisable to close and reopen the app. After closing you can continue from where you were.  If the GPS locating of your mobile device is weak, or if the internet connection is slow it is advisable to choose another device for the game. The game works seamlessly with almost all modern mobile devices, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee full functionality on all mobile devices found on the market.

14. Reduce battery consumption during game play by closing other applications in the background. You should adjust the display brightness, volume, and screen stand-by mode to suit your needs before the game. You can see zoom the puzzle pictures bigger by clicking them.

15. Players move around at their own risk during the game. So be careful when moving around the game area, and always follow the traffic rules.

16. Be quick and clever, and work well together with your pair / team!

17. Not finished yet? You can play My2050 again by registering with a new player name and email.




We’d love to hear your feedback of the game! Your feedback will help us improve the game, so please send us feedback and questions by e-mail:

Remember to follow Niha´s story in instagram @nihabee, #My2050, and in Facebook @My2050peli.


The English version of My2050 has been funded by Finland´s Ministry of the Environment and the translation was done by Witty Writers.